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Square Bale Features

Remote Independent Controls Remote Independent Controls
Remote controls to change the auger speed and each floor chain all independently -to creating a cost efficient ration
Patented Independent Floor Chains Patented Independent Floor Chains
The EZ Ration Processor has two independently controlled floor chains.
New Knife Configuration New Knife Configuration
The cutting knifes have been redesigned to reduce wrapping and drive chain heat.
Independent Scale System Independent Scale System
Independent Scale System for each feed source - right floor - left floor - grain bin
Independent floor chain drive system Independent floor chain drive system
The Patented ability to drive and control each floor chain independently
Add Grain to the Ration Add Grain to the Ration
Optional Grain Attachment
Options In Economics & Nutrition Options In Economics & Nutrition
The EZ Ration Processor offers the producer options in economics and nutrition that nothing else on the ...
Quality Built Quality Built
The EZ Ration Processor is prefered by feedlots everywhere
Feed Cost Savings Feed Cost Savings
The EZ Ration Processor was designed to process and blend a total ration. Processing the hay alone can ...
  Daily Nutritional Requirements

Feeds and Nutrition
Daily Nutrient Requirements of Breeding cattle

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