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The other big advantage to the EZ Ration is that you will not find better customer service. The other big advantage to the EZ Ration is that you will not find better customer service.
I have run my EZ Ration Processor for two winters now and I continually find ways to use it to improve herd health and lower my feed and labor costs. With the EZ Ration I can blend different kinds of hay, straw and corn silage to allow every cow to get a good balanced ration or, on snowy cold days, use it to bed straw in the field and I can do this all from the comfort of the heated cab on my tractor. I have flaked hay a couple of times this winter and saw that the cows did not clean it up as well and were not as content as when I feed with the EZ Ration. The other big advantage to the EZ Ration is you will not find better customer service. RC and his staff have proven time and time again that their customer service is second to none. If you are a cow/calf operator and, like me, see the biggest expense in your operation is winter feed, you need to seriously consider the advantages of one of these machines. - Brennon Jones
I would encourage producers to get proactive and look at these units. I would encourage producers to get proactive and look at these units.
I just wanted to let you know how much I have appreciated having an EZ Ration Processor. The years, 2011- 2013, were the driest three years in a row recorded in Rocky Ford. We are strictly a grass ranch which includes some deeded land and a couple of permits on Comanche national grassland. It has been a blessing to have the grasslands as I think primarily because it makes us aware of how we leave the pastures at the end of the growing season. My dad was a yearling man and one thing he always noticed was that cow/calf producers, if they are not careful, would end up ruining the grass around the headquarters. They want to calve, brand, wean and winter close by the corrals which makes it extremely difficult not to hurt the native grasses. With some of these things in mind, I knew we had to do something different during those drought years. I bought my first processor not wanting to get back into the equipment business as we had farmed for 30 years before moving to the ranch, and I had had my share of equipment. The EZ Ration truck unit only required a tractor to load the big bales. We did have a tractor. We built a couple of big pens with bridge timber feed racks and also fed in big inverted tractor tires. It was a fairly low-cost feed yard. Because we had the EZ Ration Processor to feed with and had built pens, we were able to keep our cow numbers up. I think I got about all of the options on the processor that could be put on and it cost around $70,000, and I think I had spent about $8,000 on the feed lot. As everybody remembers, the fall of 2014 presented all-time record-breaking prices for our calves. The first load of steers, 99 head of 5 weight steers brought $169,000. As we all know that record price did not last long!! However, I was so sold on the processor that we expanded the feed yard a little bit each year. In 2017 we sold the first unit and replaced it with a new one. Here are a couple of areas in which I think having the processor really helped us: 1) We began to background all our calves. 2) We can feed and take care of our bred heifers. 3) If we see some cows that need bought but do not have a place for them, we can go ahead and purchase them and put them in the lot until they go out to pasture. 4) At weaning we have the option to lock the calves up and turn the cows out, or lock the cows up and turn the calves out in the pasture to wean. 5) With the options on the truck, we can put high quality alfalfa on one side, a sorghum feed or cornstalks on the other side and a concentrate in the grain hopper, and then basically have everything you need when you go to the feed yard. If you happen to have cows in one pen, then you can feed them accordingly and from the truck, go to the next pen and feed calves according to what they need, all without going back and reloading different feeds. 6) You might say the processor is primarily a roughage machine, however, I have used mine the last few years feeding a lot of corn because the grain price has been so low and that has worked great.[We actually added 1 foot on our grain hopper, giving us more capacity.] 7) We try to watch and buy our feed when the prices are low and just stack it up until we need it. 8) The processor has saved us a tremendous amount of feed. Just putting hay on the ground in the pen, one loses up to half of the feed if there is any mud at all. Round bale feeders can lose a tremendous amount of feed also. I would easily say that we have saved enough feed to probably pay for the processor several times over, if we had tried to background, and feed this many cows and calves in a lot. The unit really helped us the year the price was high, but in reality, the unit has probably saved us more money in the tough years than it did that first year. Everyone knows that when the price is not good for your commodity, then that is the time that you really need to save money and the EZ Ration definitely saves feed and gives you a lot of options. RC, you did a great job of designing the EZ Ration and I would encourage producers to get proactive and look at these units. There is no reason to wait for a drought or disaster to purchase an EZ Ration Processor. Do it now and reap the benefits! Thanks for helping me get started. Sincerely, Gail Allen

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